Jeg landet en jobb!

1. oktober stod jeg i et åpent landskap med alle muligheter foran meg i søken etter drømmejobben. Etter kort tid kom jeg i kontakt med Nikolai Fasting, seriegründer og medeier av en innovasjonsklynge under holdingselskapet Hydra Media Technologies AS. Midt i klyngen ligger Syncano, som er navnet på både selskapet og produktet selskapet leverer. Den 1. november startet jeg som «VP Client Solutions» i Syncano. Så hvorfor tok jeg denne jobben?

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Såh, hva nå Gustavo?!

Det gikk kun tre uker fra jeg ga muntlig beskjed til jeg hadde min siste arbeidsdag i Computas, uten en ny jobb å gå til. I dag står jeg med et lukket kapittel bak meg og et hav av muligheter foran meg.

Så hvor går ferden nå?

Read the English version on Linkedin.

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Bash in Windows and PowerShell in Linux, what a treat!


I have been an avid user, sysadmin and developer of Linux and UNIX systems since the mid-nineties. I have spent endless hours in religion-like discussions on whether closed source software is for better or worse. I never thought that Microsoft would embrace Free Open Source Software (FOSS).

Early this month, Microsoft released the Anniversary update on Windows 10, which enables me to run bash in Windows.

Equally, Microsoft’s PowerShell (PS) now also runs on Linux:

Great news! The systems now can gain value from each other!

The value of PowerShell in Linux

I truly believe that PS brings value to Linux, given that it can handle structured data, not just strings through STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR. I have written many scripts in UNIX, automating system administrative tasks, and I have always missed the possibility to handle structured data. The way around that has been to use Perl, Python or any other scripting language with more power than shell scripting.

The value of bash in Windows

Although you don’t get access to all Windows system resources (kernel) through bash for Windows, it is still a step in the right direction to bring the automation power of the UNIX shell into Windows. This power has enabled system administrators of UNIX systems to be highly efficient for decades, and it was the lack of it in Windows systems that put many UNIX administrators off managing Windows systems, where everything has to be done through the click of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) element such as a window, button or drop-down list.

Bash for windows, brings all the headless binaries (programs running without a GUI) from the UNIX world into Windows along with Python, Perl and all other scripting languages. I just installed ffmpeg, a powerful commandline audio/video editor, into bash in windows, which enables me to automate the creation and conversion of multimedia into the format I wish. Pretty amazing!

Some tips to get more out of bash for windows

  1. Always run ‘bash for windows’ as Administrator. This way to will get access to parts of the running kernel though /proc, and the ability to access system resources such as the networking interface needed to run commands such as ‘ping’.

Run Windows 8.1 with dual boot and through a virtual machine

Although I’ve been a Linux/Unix-fanatic for almost two decades, the reality is that from time to time, I need to use MS Office, MS Outlook og MS Project at my day job.

I’ve had Windows 8.1 side by side with Linux for a while now, but I am seriously getting tired of having to boot between the two operating systems. So I had this idea:

Surely, it must be possible to boot the already installed Windows 8.1 through a virtual machine from my Linux desktop.

Indeed, it does! And here’s how to do it!

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Extract files from your Android device


In post-4.0 versions of the Android OS, Google has disabled the USB-mass storage functionality that enabled your desktop to show the file contents of your Android Device as soon as you connected your device with a USB cable to your Desktop, in favour of the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

Now, with Windows, this is not a problem thanks to a well written driver. No wonder, as Microsoft are the ones who wrote it.

This poses a challenge for those of us who run other Operating Systems. After hammering on this issue for a while and attempting several suggestions, I found a solution that worked for my Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit OS:

Summed up, these are the steps: Les videre

Thunderbird como cliente para el servidor Microsoft Exchange 2010 (en Ubuntu 12.04)

¿Buscas un Cliente de correo para linux con soporte para Exchange? Hace un año escribí un articulo en ingles sobre como configurar a Thunderbird como cliente para el servidor de Microsoft Exchange 2010. He tenido bastante trafico en mi blog gracias a ese articulo, primordialmente de países anglohablantes, y por eso me he decidido (y he hecho tiempo) para traducirlo al Español.

Gracias a un enlace a un proyecto Francés llamado DavMail publicado por tanstaalf, por fin conseguí conectar mi querido Mozilla Thunderbird al servidor de Microsoft Exchange 2010 de mi compañía. La solución esta en instalar un gateway para Exchange llamado DavMail. Les videre

Thunderbird as client for Microsoft Exchange 2010 server on Ubuntu 12.04

To run Mozilla Thunderbird as client for MS Exchange 2010 server on Ubuntu 12.04, just follow the HOWTO I wrote for Ubuntu 11.10 with the exception that the SOGo extension is now available for Thunderbird 17 (default in 12.04).

¿Prefieres leerlo en Español? ¡Aqui lo tienes!

Netflix – Should I worry?

Today I received an email from Netflix stating that they’re having trouble charging my debit card with the monthly fee.

This is to be expected, as I recently cancelled that card, as a fraudulent usage was attempted two weeks back.

However, I do not wish to renew my netflix payment card, because I truly don’t like the service. I find that the content provided is too old, as I mainly watch TV-series that I stream directly from the USA. For instance, Dexter is lagging two seasons, if I remember correctly. Same goes for a bunch of other current series.

When I tried to remove my account, I got an error message stating that Netflix is not able to remove my account «for the moment»:

Screenshot netflix

Now, should I worry? Nah, probably not, as they don’t have my payment information.

So my solution to the problem is to ignore. I’m assuming that a company as mature as Netflix that stops receiving payments has policies in place with corresponding actions for this type of changes.

Solve the non-supported problem with Asus Xonar DS in Ubuntu 12.04

Sorry for the misleading title, but this is the simplest and quickest solution that I found.

I recently upgraded my media centre from Ubuntu 11.10 to Ubuntu 12.04, and to my great surprise, my Asus Xonar DS audio card did not let me configure my 5.1 surround setup. After some research, it seems that this otherwise fantastic audio card is not supported in the later kernels.

The solution: Downgrade to Ubuntu 11.10, and everything works fine again. 🙂

Enable Alt+middle button window resize in Ubuntu 12.04

I have a Dell 6320, with both a touchpad and dual stick (you know, the little nipple in midst of the keyboard).

For some strange reason the Alt+middle button resizing of a window stopped working on my Ubuntu installation in the latest Ubuntu version (LTS 12.04). This is a great disadvantage for me, so I did some research. Les videre