About reading books

I’m reading a lot more books now than before, and a random thought hit me: When you read a book, and the policeman is closing in on the murderer at an early stage in the book, you always know that the murderer is either the wrong guy or he’s not going to get caught simply because there’s so much left of the book. It would be much more exciting if one didn’t know how big the book is. How could we make that happen? Perhaps difficult with an actual book, but surely possible with a digital book!


2 tanker om “About reading books

  1. Would make it impossible to plan easter holidays! You could finish a book early, and be forced to burn the cabin, or murder someone JUST to pass time, OR, you could start on an epic reading yourney that would take you years and years on end to finish, costing you your wife and kids and job. Not that I ever think about far-out extreme cases

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