Netflix – Should I worry?

Today I received an email from Netflix stating that they’re having trouble charging my debit card with the monthly fee.

This is to be expected, as I recently cancelled that card, as a fraudulent usage was attempted two weeks back.

However, I do not wish to renew my netflix payment card, because I truly don’t like the service. I find that the content provided is too old, as I mainly watch TV-series that I stream directly from the USA. For instance, Dexter is lagging two seasons, if I remember correctly. Same goes for a bunch of other current series.

When I tried to remove my account, I got an error message stating that Netflix is not able to remove my account «for the moment»:

Screenshot netflix

Now, should I worry? Nah, probably not, as they don’t have my payment information.

So my solution to the problem is to ignore. I’m assuming that a company as mature as Netflix that stops receiving payments has policies in place with corresponding actions for this type of changes.


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