How do you measure your Scrum Team’s maturity? (Geoff Watts)

I recently became a Certified Scrum Master, after attending Geoff Watts‘ Scrum Master course at Geoff is an excellent speaker, witty and engaging (and very, very British (!) 😉

I have worked with IT Service Management for several years. with focus on ITIL’s Continual Service Improvement process. I have learned that there is a plethora of issues related to the various ITIL initiatives out there, strongly or loosely coupled to ITIL’s many shortcomings. I have a Lean focus towards Continual Improvement, which leads me towards Kaizen. However, that is not what I’ll discuss in this this article, but I mention it as a background for you to understand my motivation for watching this presentation.

Within my Continual Improvement focus (Kaizen), I am very interested in assessing the maturity of the various Scrum Teams in my Company. In «Measuring Agile Team Maturity», Mr. Watts presents a set of characteristics that could help you assess your scrum teams’ maturity:

  • Clear goal
  • Stability
  • Support (Servant leadership)
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Self-management
  • Attention to results
  • Predictability
  • Fun
Here are some examples of the steps in a maturity scale for the elements in bold above
Watch the video here


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