My recommended apps for Android based phones

I keep this page updated fairly regularly with the apps that I find most helpful to me. I’ve been an avid Android user for nearly three years now, and I am loving it!

There are a couple of more apps that I recommend to ensure that you never loose any data if your phone is stolen or otherwise lost. Read more here.

Here’s a list of the apps that I find very convenient (in no particular order):

Barcode Scanner – Scan barcodes, QR codes, etc qrcode
Business Calendar Pro – A very flexible calendar with great widgets. qrcode
Corporate Addressbook – Get a hold of AD contacts in your corporation qrcode
Laucher pro – A better desktop manager. For example, rotates the desktop when you turn your phone. qrcode
Dialer One – Advanced dialer app much better than the default. qrcode
Chomp SMS – A better SMS and MMS app than the default. qrcode
Llama – Configure your phone to do things based on your location. Phone going off at night? Annoying your colleagues at work? Get Llama! Tired of your phone going off in the middle of the night? Annoying your colleagues by having your phone blast out your ringtone at work? You need Llama! qrcode
1881 – norwegian yellow and white pages qrcode
Alarm Clock Plus – A much better alarm clock and desk clock than the standard qrcode
Adobe reader – Read pdfs qrcode
VG – Compares the weather from and Storm. And believe me, they predict quite defferently!! qrcode
NSB – A very, very good app for the Norwegian NSB Train system which allows you to even renew your monthly ticket! qrcode
DNB – Includes a settlement calculator, which is great. And if you are a DNB client, it’s a great app for banking as well. qrcode
Evernote – easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use by the usage of notes. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. qrcode
Kindle – Read your Amazon books on your tablet and phone. Why spend money on yet another device such as a Kindle? qrcode
Pulse – The best new aggregator! qrcode
ClockSync – Keep your clock always in time (NTP daemon). qrcode
Folder Organizer – a smooth and great folder app to keep your launcher (desktop) tidy qrcode
Firefox web browser – connected to my desktop browser qrcode
K-9 email client – Much better than the standard email client qrcode
LED Light – a handy flash light qrcode
NRK TV – Native app to watch the three Norwegian State TV channels qrcode
QuickSSHd – SSH server for your phone qrcode
Smart keyboard pro – A very, very good keyboard with three modes (Phone, QWERTY, and traditional phone) with great text prediction qrcode
Norwegian for Smart Keyboard Pro – Norwegian keyboard with corresponding dictionary qrcode
Subsonic – Connect to your own music collection qrcode
Tango – To enable Video conferences with other Android and iPhone users qrcode
Terminal Emulator – Get direct terminal access to your OS and FS qrcode
Traffic Monitor Widget – To keep an eye on the network usage qrcode
Trafikanten – Public transportation in the greater Oslo area qrcode
Tweetdeck – Provides an efficient and simple news feed from various sources (Facebook, twitter, ++) qrcode
What Additives – An overview of Food additives (e.g. E250) qrcode
Wifi Analyzer – See which WIFI APs are nearby qrcode
WordPress – Client for wordpress blog qrcode
Official XBMC Remote – Remote control for your XBMC media centre qrcode

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