I will leave Facebook for Google+, but when?

I got an invitation to G+ on Friday July 8th, and signed up a couple of days later.

I’ve been using it in parallel with my Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter accounts. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to post things twice, but I’ll survive until I make the final move away from Facebook.

These are the reasons I’ve found so far:

  • G+ has a slicker and more responsive interface
  • Increased access control via Circles
  • Simpler group communication via Hangouts
  • Efficiently add interest feeds via Sparks
  • No annoying games (farmville, ++)
  • No annoying ads

Additionally, I think that it is great that Facebook gets a direct competitor. Of course, it is crucial that G+ gets traction, something that will most likely happen once G+ goes public and opens up its API.

Read more of pros and cons at Mashable.


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