Buying Chlorella from Japan after the Fukoshima Daiichi nuclear disaster

After the Daiichi nuclear disaster in Fukoshima, Japan, I grew concerned with the potential presence of damaging radiation in Japanese products. Especially, since I have a subscription on Chlorella algae produced in the Yaeyama archipielago in southern Japan.

I contacted my provider in Norway,, and asked for information. I was impressed by their response. They provided the following information:

  • Yaeyama Shokusan has, unsolicited, decided to run radioactive analyses of all their batches. So far, there is no proof of increased radioactivity in their products (see the attached document).
  • The EU and Norway have implemented a temporary regulation on all importet goods from Japan (see the attached document).
  • The  Japanese government has a great focus on ensuring that the global community does not loose confidence in Japanese products, thus enforcing radioactive analyses of all exported goods.
  • NANU’s stock is produced before the March 11th disaster. Their current stock is estimated to last until 2012.
I therefore decided to continue my subscription, and ask for more information towards the end of 2011.

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